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COVID-19 Response - Aceh Province, Sumatra- Indonesia
April 6,2020 - May 6,2020

Corona virus disease (COVID-19) an infectious disease has arrived in Indonesia. At the time of writing this update, there have been several cases and deaths from corona virus. They are slowly increasing day by day. This has led to, like many parts of the world, a LOCKDOWN specifically here in Aceh, Province of Indonesia. Many people are affected especially the Christian minority who are depending on daily paid basis and not also receiving help from the local government. Sharia Law is implemented here and some of the people in this province are blaming the foreigners for spreading the virus.

In response, our foundation Yayasan Saluran Internasional or YSI with the support of CREST Malaysia proceeded to the Covid-19 Awareness Campaign and Prevention response by taking the following steps:

  • Giving Covid-19 Awareness brochures to the people
  • Hanging banners in selected junctions, buildings and Mosques around the city
  • Distributed more than 1000 pieces of washable face masks with sanitizers and disinfectants
  • We also conducted disinfection (spraying) in every public places such as Mosques, Churches, Immigration office, Police stations, Licensing office, Jail and other government offices who are usually visited by many people.
covid id 001 covid id 002

YSI Team during the preparation and distribution of washable face masks, sanitizers and disinfectants

covid id 003 covid id 004

Hanging streamers around the city and distributing Covid-19 Awareness flyers to the general public

In line with the abovementioned, Team YSI also prepared emergency food supplies and distributed a total of 100 packs by prioritizing the Christian minorities who are suffering (Galatians 6:10), followed by the local Acehnese who are widowed and less fortunate. These relief goods become an access also to minister every Acehnese recipient and provide an opportunity to pray for them. Through these we let them feel the love that we have from God and make them feel hopeful in this times of pandemic.

covid id 005 covid id 006

YSI Team spraying disinfectants in various government offices and public places

covid id 007 covid id 008

Fellow kingdom workers received first the emergency food supplies
followed by widows and less fortunate locals.

As of May 5,2020 the Government of Indonesia reported a total of 12,071 confirmed cases with 872 deaths and 2,197 recoveries. We are continually doing disinfection in public places, distributing supplies and ministering to our Muslim friends in this place.

We are extending our thanksgiving and gratefulness in your prayer and support.

Thank you and Blessings,
Elmer C. Gelbolingo
Executive Director
Yayasan Saluran Internasional (YSI)


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