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17th December 2016 (Saturday) Santa House Christmas Party. 91 Children 43 guardian. In total 132 gathered together. Further detail information can be found at the HomePage and Facebook URL below.

Contents of Christmas Party…...

We sang Christmas carols, played games, had quizzes, intro quizzes, told Christmas stories and gave Christmas presents to everyone, which they love very much. After that the children played freely, they had lots of cake and snacks too. There were also presents for mothers to bring home.

Although we limit to only 80 children, there were more requests and we increased to about 90 children. There were many who had to wait for cancellation. Both children and adults who came were really happy and enjoyed themselves. Everyone sang “Silent Night” in front of the cross decorated on the pulpit.

“Lots of happy and warm feelings!”

“I am deeply moved by the action of love for the children in preparing this Christmas Party.”

…and many more such feelings and responses were received.

The Christmas Nativity was displayed through the animation based on picture-books. Everyone watched it. The children from 0-12 years old and adults watched them seriously.

To everyone in CREST and all the staff of NPOFukushima Living Water, please receive our gratitude, from mothers in Fukushima.

Translated by Lee Sin

12 月 17 日(土)サンタハウスクリスマス会は、子供 91 人、保護者 43 人、みんなで 132 人集まりました。




子ども 80 名定員でしたが、希望が多くあり 90 名まで増やしました。キャンセル待ちの方もたくさんいました。




クリスマス(降誕)のお話は、絵本をもとにアニメを作成して、みんなで見ました。0 才~12 歳までの子どもたちと大人の方がみな真剣に見ていました。


CRESTの皆様に、いのちの水スタッフももちろんですが、FUKUSHIMA のお母さん、子供たちからの感謝の声をお伝え下さい (^^)/



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