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How We Begin

In 1995, during the height of the Rwanda crisis, 2 American doctors, Drs. Mark and Betsy Neuenschwander of the International Health Services Foundation received a vision from God to raise up disaster relief teams across the world. They visited Malaysia and conducted 3 consecutive Disaster Relief Schools (DRS) in 1995, 1996, and 1997. From these training schools, a group of graduates received God’s call to establish a disaster relief organization in Asia.

Where We Have Served

Since its establishment on 3rd December 1998, CREST has trained and sent volunteers from all walks of life to 20 countries to provide humanitarian assistance in the form of medical aid, food, water, clothing, and shelter to victims of natural disasters and crises situations. Working with partners who share the same vision, many unreached groups who often do not receive mainline media coverage have been helped.

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