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Background CK and Olivia met with Ms Feraz Legita, Deputy Director of APBAid[1]/APBF[2] Philippines Sub-office on 30 April 2017 to discuss possibility of partnership in post Typhoon Haiyan recovery. In February 2018, an agreement was signed by both parties for CREST to provide capital assistance to existing livelihood and income-generating projects in 3 villages in Panay Island and for training in disaster risk reduction and management to key persons of CPBC[3] 1. To conduct workshop on Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management to key persons of CPBC 2. To visit beneficiaries at project sites.

Team Member 1. Leader and workshop facilitator: Olivia Chan 2. Treasurer and workshop facilitator: Edward Tan

Travel Events 10 June, 1115 - Depart KLIA via Airasia flight. 1520 - Arrive Cebu Airport. 1930 - Depart Cebu Airport via Cebu Pacific flight. 2030 - Arrive Iloilo Airport; Taxi to Eon Centennial Resort Hotel & Waterpark. 11 June, 1030 - Pre workshop briefing with Feraz and Henna; Welcome lunch with Rev. Jersen, General Secretary of CPBC. Prepare materials for workshop. 12 to 14 June, CBDRRM workshop at Eon Centennial Resort Hotel & Waterpark. The following government agencies shared at the workshop:

  • Dept of the Interior and Local Government on Disaster Management System in the Philippines

  • Dept of Social Welfare & Development on Human Trafficking in Disasters.

15 June, Project site visit to Cawayan, Carles. 16 June, Project site visit to Bobog, Ajuy. 17 June, Project site visit to Polo, Aklan. 18 June, Thanksgiving lunch. 1810 - Depart Iloilo Airport via Cebu Pacific flight. 1905 - Arrive Cebu Airport. Overnight at Eloisa Royal Suites. 19 June, 1345 - Depart Cebu via Airasia flight. 1730 - Arrive KLIA2.


CPBC Headquarters at Fajardo St, Jaro, Iloilo City. (L to R) Edward Tan, Olivia Chan, Feraz Legita (APBAid), Henna Caipang (CPBC). (Seated) Rev. Dr. Jerson B. Narciso (General Secretary, CPBC).

CBDRRM Workshop. Participants are church leaders from Panay, Negros and Leyte. The objective of the workshop is to equip them to work with their local community to be better prepared and be more resilient for future disasters.

Cawayan, Carles. Beneficiaries of the livelihood project prepared a sumptuous lunch with the fruits of their labor: fruits and vegetables from home gardens; shrimp, shellfish, crabs and fish from the ponds. They take a loan from the revolving fund to keep their farms running in order to generate income.

Bobog, Ajuy. Church members who are beneficiaries gave a portion of their earnings to repair the wall which was damaged by the strong winds brought by T. Haiyan. Most of them are small tenant farmers raising pigs and “native chickens”. They also tend ponds which produce shrimp, shellfish, oysters, crabs and fish.

Philippine’s Republic Act No. 10121 law transforms the Philippines’ disaster management system from disaster relief and response towards disaster risk reduction. Evacuation maps are prominently displayed in every village.

Polo, Aklan. Ps Neligen oversees all the 3 projects and conducts regular monitoring and evaluation meetings with the beneficiaries. As with the other 2 project sites, most of them are homemakers seeking for additional income to subsidise their husband’s earnings. With this income, their children are able to finish college, find jobs and help to put their younger siblings through school. One beneficiary shared that she had to use the loan to cover for an emergency in the family and was too embarrassed to go for the meetings and continue with the project after that.


1. Cawayan and Bobog: These 2 projects are into their 2nd extension. Members can apply for loan from a revolving fund. In the event of another devastating disaster, this fund will provide some financial assistance and they do not need to depend entirely on external funding. Polo: This project is into 1st extension. They have also established a revolving fund. Will wait until project ends this December for final review and recommendations.

2. Pastor Vincent E. Olaer, Social Concern Director of Central Philippines Convention of Southern Baptist Churches (CPCSBC) attended the CBDRRM workshop. APBAid and Ps Vincent will conduct assessment for recovery projects in Leyte in early August. Propose to join them and at the same time visit Pastor Samuel in Hernani to review the motorcab project.

Submitted by Olivia Chan Date: 25-July-2018


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