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Concrete Facade

Dr Yoong Sao Chin

Executive Director

Graduated in Pharmacy and Medicine and served in Hospital Ipoh before going into private practice.

He has a MSc (Public Health) from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is married to June Poh and they have 2 children, Rebecca and Michael.

Dr Yoong has a Certificate in Theology from Moore Theological College, NSW, Australia in 1998 and worships with his family at Canning Garden Baptist Church.

He is a strong proponent for training and education in the area of disaster response & development, having a postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA and humanitarian response certifications from UNHCR, WHO Mediterranean region, World Bank Washington and New Delhi Institute of Disaster Management, Centre for Research in Epidemiology of Disasters, Brussels, Belgium and RedR Australia.

He has been involved with CREST for the past twenty years and looking forward to new initiatives in risk reduction approaches.

In 2018 British Council Malaysia presented him Winner in the Social Impact category UK Alumni Awards for his humanitarian efforts.

Currently, he is pursuing a Master in Risk and Disaster Sciences at University College London.

Dr Yoong Sao Chin
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