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Background CREST has nurtured good relationships with locals in Zoo Road due to previous activities in the area. However, we have also decided to extend our help to a neighboring Malay Kampung off Zoo Road 3, Ayer Itam. Prior assessments had already been conducted and we have identified an area of need amongst the community in the form of electrical appliances. Meanwhile, the Tamil speaking community of Taman Senangin located in Perai of mainland Penang had previously requested for help as they had received minimal help since initial flooding earlier in November.

Team Members Edward Tan - Team Leader Dylan Seow - Field Treasurer Jason Lai - Volunteer Cindy Khoo - Volunteer Leonard Lai - Volunteer

Objective 1. To conduct survey assessments based on verbal interviews and visual verification of as many households as possible at Taman Senangin identifying specific needs and general needs.

2. To plan and prepare for distribution in Malay Kampung off Zoo Road 3. 3. Distribution of Senheng cash vouchers to 22 families in Malay Kampung off Zoo Road 3.

Taman Senangin, Perai, Penang. (GPS: N5°23.048’ E° 100 23.096’)

Travel Events

13 Dec – Arrive in the evening by AirAsia flight. Meet up with volunteer, Dylan Seow, at Penang airport. Meet up with Pastor Samuel Lee at Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church (JCMC). Accommodation provided by JCMC.

14 Dec– Meeting with Tuan Syed Alias and his daughter Sharifah at Malay Kampung to brief them on details of how the distribution will be done and the necessary preparations. It was decided that the Malay community members will assist in keeping things in order during the process of distribution and set up. Pick up Jason, Cindy and Leonard Lai from Penang airport in the evening followed by briefing and updates. Dinner and rest for the rest of the night.

15 Dec – Meet up with Pastor Samuel Periathamby and his team of volunteers at Tamil Methodist Church, Prai (TMC Prai). Brief volunteers and team members on how to conduct the assessment followed by the actual assessment of households in that area.

16 Dec - Arrive in Malay Kampung, Ayer Itam in the morning to conduct distribution of Senheng vouchers. Distribution went smoothly overall and was completed by noon. Flight back to KL for Jason and family.

17 Dec – Edward and Dylan depart JCMC to head back home to CREST office in Subang Jaya by road.


1. Kampung Melayu, Ayer Hitam, Penang. (GPS: N5°24.100’ E° 100 17.169’).

Distribution of Senheng vouchers to 22 families in Malay Kampung, Ayer Itam went smoothly and was over in 1 hour. 1 family did not receive the vouchers because they were outstation. Arranged with Pastor Samuel for them to claim the vouchers when they return.

Residents are satisfied with the vouchers as it will help them to recover faster to their daily living standards with the assistance in purchasing electronic appliances such as rice cookers, refrigerators etc.

Electric sockets were functioning since fans and lightings are observed to be working normally. The community had received mattresses and food supplies from different donor organizations in past weeks.

2. Taman Senangin, Perai, Penang. (GPS: N5°23.048’ E° 100 23.096’)

There are 390 households with some Rohingya refugee families in Taman Senangin. Initial distribution of relief items such as water, food and cleaning utensils had been done by local NGOs. The Buddhist association had also set up a mobile clinic. Tamil Methodist Church had given out RM1000 cash aid to 60 households, 15 of which are members of the church.

In this assessment, we interviewed 63 families from different parts of the targeted area. Data collected includes personal information and priority ranking on given list of items.

TMC Prai and its leadership will continue to acquire and share with us detailed information of addresses and names of the remaining households by reaching out to the local JKKK for distribution execution purposes.

CREST with TMC Prai's Pastor and Members

Conclusion Statistics from the assessment at Taman Senangin shows that 40 families chose preference for furniture, 21 for electrical appliances, 0 for School Kits, 2 with no preference.

Recommendations 1. IDRN 1100 training for Malay Kampung, Ayer Itam’s commmunity members.

2. Proposal to purchase furniture from any local furniture dealer within the approved price range for distribution in the near future at Taman Senangin Prai.

3. Training in basic disaster awareness for Tamil speaking community. Recommended that the TMC Prai hosts the training. Interpreters may be necessary and would most likely be provided by the local church if needed.

Submitted by: Edward Tan Date: 19-Dec-2017


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