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Background After Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Hagupit in 2014 CREST Malaysia and our local partner Omega Emergency Respond, The Light House, World Harvest Fellowship, Agape Rural Health working together for livelihood projects in Bogo (Cebu), Tacloban (Letye), Balagawan (Sourthen Letye) and Hernani (Eastern Samar).

Objective 1. Introduce CREST representative and handover existing livelihood projects to our local partners. 2. Bogo, Cebu. Follow up the procurement of Motorcab (Tricycle) with Omega. 3. Hernani, Eastern Samar. Procurement of Motorcab (Tricycle) with World Harvest Fellowship, visit the tricycle supplier. 4. Balagawan, Southern Leyte. Verify the new proposal with the local community, proposal submitted by Agapa Rural Health for seaweed farming. 5. Follow up two Pedicab beneficiaries for their extended livelihood project in Tacloban with Omega. 6. Barangay Buscada, Basey, Western Samar. Review underground water for 60 families within the local community with Omega. 7. Centre Cebu, visit Salma and follow up with the remaining empty container.

Team Member CK Cheong (Leader) Olivia Chan (Treasurer) Dawn Tan (Log & Photo)

Travel Events

Date Event


1. Livelihood – Transportation, Tricycle

Location: The Light House Center, Taytayan, Bogo City, Northern Cebu. Person in Charge: Collyn C. Laurio Contact Number: +63 908 592xxxx Email:

Background: With the remaining fund collected from the livelihood projects, Collyn & CK Cheong has agreed to start this livelihood project monitor by Collyn. All maintenances and responsibilities is by local partner (Omega / Collyn).

A new tricycle (estimated cost at P 130,000) with a driver from partnering church to start a livelihood project with repayment of the said amount within 3 years. Each month P 3,600 for 36 months and P 400 on 37th month.

Update: Purchased Kawasaki TMX 175 with P 76,500 and break in cost for first 3,000KM with P 5,000. After the break in mileage, will attach on the side car. Application to Local Transport Office has submitted. Estimated after 4 months from the date of submission, license to operate the tricycle as public transport will be granted.

Result: Collyn has requested the repayment period to be extend to 3.5 years which is 42 months. Therefore, we shall receive P130,000 / 42 = P 3,100 for 41 months and at the last month is P 2,900.

2. Livelihood – Transportation, Tricycle

Location: World Harvest Fellowship (WHF), Hernani, Borongan, Eastern Samar. Person in Charge: Pastor Samuel G. Aberia, Jr. Contact Number: +63 927 732xxxx Email:

Background: Pastor Samuel started a home cell church with 5 families before typhoon Haiyan. During emergency, he has received relief and help from the Singapore churches. Today, the church has grown to 100 members.


Honda TMX 150 P 70,500 (Purchased) Side Car P 46,000 (Deposit Paid P 26,000) Franchise Fees P 1,000 Estimation One-time Membership P 3,000 LTO (Local Transportation Office) P 2,000 Estimation

Total Livelihood = P 130,000 Balance of P 33,500 has paid to Pastor Samuel. The tricycle will start to operate estimated 4 months from now.

Terms and Conditions with Beneficiary

a. The tricycle will be the properties of CREST-WHF, provide livelihood to the community as rental basis. b. WHF will decide on the beneficiary selection. c. The rental per day will be 30% of the total income by the beneficiary. 70% will be taken home by the beneficiary. Therefore, the beneficiary must be honest about his daily income. d. The beneficiary will upkeep the tricycle all maintenances, franchise fees (annually) and LTO (annually). e. The beneficiary shall not re-rental to other person regardless on any condition. f. For any predictable disaster or issued early warning, the beneficiary shall return the tricycle back to WHF for safe keep. g. A logo of CREST-WHF will be printed on the tricycle and the beneficiary shall not remove or repaint it. h. The beneficiary shall purchase the tricycle with an offer amount that acceptable by the beneficiary, WHF and CREST. i. Beneficiary shall not perform any illegal activity or crime using the said vehicle that offend against the local country laws and uphold the Bible principalities. j. CREST-WHF reserved the rights to take back the tricycle if the beneficiary has misconducted any clauses stated above.

Terms and Conditions with WHF

a. WHF must have a log book for all income b. WHF has to submit their collection report to CREST once a month via email c. 30% of the collection, 10% goes to church mission fund, 10% for saving, 10% for disaster preparedness and emergency use. d. WHF needs to inform CREST in written before utilize the funds. e. WHF shall report to CREST immediately for any lose or stolen or damage to the vehicle.

3. Livelihood – Seaweed Farming

Location: Agape Rural Health (ARP), Barangay Balagawan, Silago. Person in Charge: Dr Elizabeth Santillan Contact Number: +977 981 033 xxxx Email:

Background: 2 weeks before our departure, Dr Elizabeth Santillan has send us a proposal for seaweed extension project. Our team is to verify the information given is agreeable by the local community.

Update: Total Project Cost (in Philippines Pesos):

*Please see attachment (Agape Rural Health – Seaweed.pdf) in more detail

Visitation to Seaweed Factory in Tacloban City – Tan Beng Koon (TBH Pte Ltd) by given 1KG spinosum seaweed and giant seaweed for sampling.

4. Livelihood – Transportation, Pedicabs and Ice Cube Making

Location: Ridge View Housing Project, Cabalawan, Tacloban (Pedicab Driver – Ramon Verzosa) Person in Charge: Niel Gonzales Contact Number: +63 925 453xxxx Email:

Background: Ramon Versoza is the first beneficiary completed his repayment for our pedicab livelihood project. He and his family has relocated to permanent shelter in Barangay Cabalawan, 6.5km away from Tacloban City. This housing project is expected to accommodate 1,000 families for Haiyan survivor.

His wife, Marilyn Versoza a full time house wife, taking care of 3 children has started a livelihood project to sell ice cube in the community with start-up capital provided by Crest is P 15,740.00 for a Panasonic Freezer, Model NR-A8013FTG. She has secured a verbal contract with a store for 20 ice cube a day with selling price at P3 / ice cube. Retail price per ice cube in the barangay is P5 / ice cube.

Due to good business, Ramon’s family has decided to pay in advance.

Pedicab Rental

Background: Neil has deliver a second pedicab for Ramon for renting within community. We have agreed to share the profit between Ramon’s Family and CREST with 50-50 and CREST will responsible on the maintenance of the pedicab.

Update: To encourage the pedicab driver, Neil and Ramon have decided to have 6 days collection with 1 day free policy.

Total collection for 2 months and 3 days is P 2,435. This amount of money will include in our financial report.

5. Livelihood: Pedicab Driver – Melchor Montano (Mark)

Location: Barangay V&G, Tacloban Person in Charge: Niel Gonzales Contact Number: +63 925 453xxxx Email:

Background: Mark start his second livelihood as pedicab spare parts trading and servicing reseller. During our last visit back in Nov 2015, we have approved his request up to P 5,000 for initial capital from the collection. On 14 Dec, 2015, Omega has released P 3,000.

We have come into agreement in present of Mark, Neil and CK Cheong. Mark will remain his current own pedicab by paying P 10 a day for 300 days to clear his debts with us.

Update: Mark had an accident 1 month ago, a sleepy driver knocked him and another pedicab driver at the same time on the main road.

The driver will pay his medical expenses and repair the pedicab for Mark. To support his daily movement, Dawn Tan has purchased a pair of crutches (P 646) for Mark.

6. Review underground water for 60 families within the local community with Omega.

Location: Barangay Buscada, Basey, Western Samar Person in Charge: Niel Gonzales Contact Number: +63 925 453xxxx Email:

Background: Agape Center was built by Omega after typhoon Haiyan for Orphanage for the local pastor. About 2 years, due to pastor heath condition, she has offer Omega to use this place for local coordination center. She also agree to transfer the land title to Omega however the application has not submitted until today.

Update: Without securing land title from the pastor, we are not able to invest or facilitate any asset for this center.

7. Follow up with the remaining empty container.

Location: Mactan, Cebu Person in Charge: Salma Perocho Contact Number: +63 917 324xxxx Email:

Background & Update: 3 shipping containers have send to Cebu during relief. Omega has sold 1 with P 30,000, Ecoweb has obtained 1 and Salma has given greenlight to sell at P 30,000.


1. Summary of Financing Report in Omega account.

*Collyn will email to CREST to explain the shortage of P 2,500 in the collection of the Pedicabs

2.The expansion of the rental pedicabs in Ridge View Housing Project, Cabalawan, Tacloban with Ramon’s family.

Within the community, we have purchase a second hand pedicab with P 3,000. Niel will refurbish the pedicab with P 3,000 (estimated) to get it in good operation condition.

Ramon’s family has accepted a new contract with 90-10 where 10% is belong to CREST for Crisis Relief Emergency Fund. Ramon has to take care of the subsequence maintenance for both pedicabs.

Appendix A


Know all men by these presents:

This MOU is entered into by and between, CREST-OMEGA, represented by NIEL GONZALES, Program Coordinator, of legal age, with home address at Buscada, Basey, Samar.


RAMON VERZOSA, of legal age, with home address at B-19, Lot 10, Ridge View Housing Project, Tacloban City, Philippines.

Whereas, CREST, through its local partner, OMEGA will provide one (2) unit Pedicabs to start pedicab rental business to the local community;

Whereas, RAMON VERZOSA, with his wife, MARILYN VERZOSA, will manage and collect the rental daily basis from the pedicab drivers;

Wherefore the Parties hereto agree to the following terms and conditions:

That RAMON VERSOZA & MARILYN VERZOSA upon receipt of the said freezer will abide to the following conditions:

  1. Honor God in all his business dealings and strive to help others;

  2. Give priority to his wife and take care of their children;

  3. The income of the said business will be to the benefit of Ramon’s family;

  4. The said pedicabs will not be used for any illegal activities;

  5. Maintain the said pedicabs and ensure that it is in good running condition;

  6. Ensure that all business records (income and expenses) are in order;

  7. Secure the said vehicle and immediately report to proper authorities in case of loss;

That CREST-OMEGA is allowed to access the business records anytime they deemed it necessary;

That CREST-OMEGA through its authorized representatives have the authority to pull out the pedicabs when term/s of this MOU is/are violated;

That CREST-OMEGA will not be responsible for any injuries or death resulting to the use of the said pedicabs;

That the legal ownership of these pedicabs will NOT transferrable to any party. The said pedicabs are fully owned by CREST-OMEGA;

RENTAL : PHP 50 per day (or any agreeable amount subject to discussion)



Furthermore, the parties hereby agree to terminate this contract anytime upon mutual agreement. Pedicabs unit will be taken back if payment is NOT received in 30 days.


Submitted by CK Cheong Date: 14-July-2016


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