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Background In July 2018, heavy rains and debris brought from the hills breached the hydro-electric power dam of two rivers, Xe Pian- Xe Namnoy. This resulted in flash floods which swept away thirteen villages leaving thousands homeless in Sanamxai district.

The first CREST team led by CK supplied essential commodities to affected communities in Sanamxai, Attapeu province. After some deliberation we felt that income generation or sustainable programs will be more impactful to these communities who had lost everything and were being housed temporarily in shelters erected by the Laos government.

Objective 1. To distribute 1,500 chickens to communities affected by the flash floods. 2. To supply 15 kg of chicken feed to help residents raise the chickens to provide eggs or meat later. 3. To confirm future dates and plans for the third CREST team.

Aim 1. To respond through sustainable and beneficiary focused livelihood projects for the affected in Sanamxai district. 2. Enable empowerment of communities though income generation, capacity development and restore balance of resources. 3. To improve food security.

Team Members Team Leader : Dr. Yoong Sao Chin Treasurer : Edward Tan Photographer : Cecilia Su Journal logger : Ps. Jennifer Lee

Travel Events Date & Activity 19/1/19 Journey from KL to Pakse, Laos transit at Ho Chi Minh City. From Pakse travel to Attapeu for the night. 20/1/19 Travel to Sanamxai temporary camps to do chicken and feeds distribution. 1,560 chickens and 2,250 kg of feeds were distributed uneventfully 21/1/19 Travel back to Pakse from Attapeu 22/1/19 Return to KL via Ho Chi Minh.

Activities The distribution was uneventful with careful prior planning. We had emailed the distribution plan in English weeks earlier to our local partner, Pastor Onchan. Khanthaly, Onchan's daughter translated and explained the details to her father. On site the final list of 169 families was given by the district officer. Since the orders of chickens and feeds were prearranged, we settled to distribute nine chickens and thirteen kgs of chicken feed per family. Mixed with broken rice the feed is sufficient for two months.

Suppliers understood the permissible mortality of chicken of 1-5%. Transportation has to be executed in the early morning to take advantage of the cool temperature. An additional sixty chickens or 4% extra chickens to the planned 1,500 chickens were sent to Sanamxai. Fortunately there was zero mortality. Under the supervision of local officials and community leaders the distribution went smoothly and was completed within two hours.

Dr. Yoong and Pastor Onchanh planning distribution Volunteers and locals distributing livestock chicken in gunny sacks

CREST Volunteers Working Alongside with Locals


1. The three objectives have been fulfilled in this trip to Laos. The next visit by CREST team to be led by Edward has been scheduled on May 24 to 28, 2019. A useful contact will be Pastor Onchan's daughter Khanthaly via email. During the next trip the chicken should reach the egg laying stage of 5 to 6 months old. Assessment could be done as a walk-about in Hinlat temporary camp.

2. The remote villages could be targeted for next distribution. Ps. Onchan has been given the names of two remote temporary camps by the district officer. Rains during May/June might be conducive for supplying farm implements like shovels, seeds, fertilizers etc.

3. An easier route through Bangkok is recommended. To avert high costs, booking flights early is advised. Cheaper and better accommodation in Pakse such as Hotel Champa has been identified by the team.

4. A grand total of approximately Kips 82 million was spent.

Submitted by: Dr. Yoong Sao Chin

Date: 11 Feb 2019


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