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Background In July 2018, heavy rains and debris brought from the hills breached the hydro-electric power dam of 2 rivers, Xe Pian- Xe Namnoy. This resulted in flash floods which swept away 13 villages leaving thousands homeless in Sanamxai district. The first team from CREST led by CK supplied essential commodities to affected communities in Sanamxai, Attapeu province. After some deliberation we felt that income generation or sustainable programs will be more impactful to these communities who had lost everything and were being housed temporarily in shelters erected by the Laos government.

During 19 to 22 January 2019, a second team from CREST had successfully distributed chicken livestock and chicken feed to 169 families in the village of Hinlat. Another livestock distribution trip was planned for 1 to 4 May.

Our local partner, Pastor Onchanh, has conducted follow up with beneficiaries in the village of Hinlat and found that 80% of the chickens distributed have begun to have offspring and are in healthy condition. He also received positive feedback from the beneficiaries that they value this form of aid. It is sustainable and promotes self-reliance. In this coming trip in May, the same form of livelihood assistance will be given in the village of Donbok located further inside the region.

Donbok has a population of 126 families and each family will be given 10 chickens with 15kg of feed to last them for 2 to 4 months. This form of aid will provide the beneficiaries with egg produce or meat in the future and this is self-sustaining.

Objectives 1. To distribute livestock chickens and feed to 126 families in Donbok. 2. To re-evaluate and conduct assessment on village of Hinlat. 3. Secure a date with Onchanh for the next visit to Laos.

Team Members Team Leader & Treasurer: Edward Tan Assistant Leader: Jennifer Lee Journal Entry Logger: Hui Yan Photographer: David

Travel Events Date & Activity 01/05/2019 Arrived in Pakse airport and met up with David who had flown in from Singapore. Check in at Champa Hotel after purchasing local mobile data plan. 02/05/2019 Met up with Pastor Onchanh at Champa Hotel and proceeded to Attapeu via van. Check in at Hotel Duc Loc 2 in Attapeu. 03/05/2019 Distribution of livestock and feed in Donbok village in the morning. Jennifer spent time with school children and taught them some basic English while other team members assisted with distribution. Conducted a short interview with deputy village chief after the distribution was completed. Team proceeded to Hinlat village to conduct evaluation and further needs assessment in the afternoon before heading back to Pakse. Team arrived in Pakse at evening and check in to Dao Vieng 2 Hotel. 04/05/2019 David returned to Singapore in the morning, rest of team took the flight to Vientiane for 1 day transit. Check in Ali Hotel in Vientiane. 05/05/2019 Departed for Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon and arrived at about 8pm.

Activities Distribution of Chicken Livestock in Donbok.

Unloading chicken livestock while village people organised themselves.

Village people submit their coupons to exchange for chicken.

Volunteer having a good time learning from and teaching children while distribution was going on.

Volunteer helping out in distribution of chicken to villagers.

A total of 127 family representatives (an extra 1 family) turned up on the distribution day. Fortunately our local partner had procured an extra of 10 chickens just in case some of them die during transportation. Unfortunately 1 chicken died out of a total of 1,270. The families were still grateful for the assistance rendered. During the interview, Mr Boonsy, Deputy Village Chief of Donbok, informed that the government provides aid of 5,000 kip per person per day and 20kg of rice per family per month. The cost of living is estimated at 12,000 kip per person per day. The villagers also receive food aid from other NGOs occasionally. The village is expected to continue living in the transitional shelters for the next 3 years.

Mr Boonsy also informed that the government does not allow the villagers to plant crops in the allocated land for now and that many of them have no jobs or ways of generating income. Now with the donation of the chicken, they have a means to generate the much needed income.

Assessment Conducted in Hinlat

Team Conducting interview with locals at Hinlat.

Right Picture: Garden scale crop farming that locals have started in temporary shelters.

Chicken coops that locals have built in Hinlat.

Chicken hiding in one of the coops.

A random sampling survey was conducted in the village of Hinlat. Upon entering the village we noticed that many of the men were not present and were told that they had gone into the jungle to hunt and gather food.

Hinlat village receives the same amount of government aid as in Donbok but with the addition vegetable seeds for garden scale farming. Many of the villagers utilize the land around their houses to plant these crops. They keep the chickens we distributed in January and plan to sell them when they have propagated sufficiently. Whenever they need to have chicken meat they will buy one instead of consuming these ones. A juvenile chicken costs 30,000 kip and a fully matured 50,000 kip.

A major need that was identified in Hinlat is safe drinking water. The government has provided them with 2 wells at different locations along with water storage tanks and water filtration system. The villagers claimed that there is very little water at times.



1. Continue with monitoring and evaluation of the chicken rearing project in Donbok village and Hinlat village.

2. Conduct another distribution of chicken livestock to another village to be determined by local partner. The feedback received so far from the beneficiaries has indicated that this is a viable livelihood project. The beneficiaries have also shown themselves as being responsible and accountable.

Submitted by Edward Tan

Date: 23 May 2019

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