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Background Following the door to door assessments done in Taman Senangin, Prai, CREST placed an order for 400 units of wardrobes (1770mm x 480mm x 101mm, 43 kg) with a supplier in Kuala Lumpur 1 month ahead of the delivery date. Prior to the distribution, a team of volunteers was deployed to verify the address and to distribute notification letters to the recipients.

It was difficult to recruit volunteers this time. However, we thank God for the 10 volunteers from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and 20 more from Penang.

Objective 1. To distribute the wardrobes according to the master list given by the assessment team. 2. Safety, safety and safety. 3. Logistics, planning and teamwork is the key to success.

Travel Events

8 Feb 2018 0530 Depart from office. 0930 Transporters and supplier arrive at distribution centre, SRJK (C) Chung Hwa 3. 1000 CK & Edward arrived, unloading. 1100 All wardrobes unloaded at volleyball court instead of covered basketball court due to school activities during weekend. Setup two temporary tents and purchase tarpaulin from local shop to cover the wardrobe. 1400 Lunch & check in to hotel. 1930 Dawn arrive at Chung Hwa 3, set up 3 more temporary tents to cover the wardrobes from sun and rain. 2130 Job done. 2330 Olivia and Tracy arrive at hotel.

9 Feb 2018 0900 Breakfast & briefing. 1000 Visit to Taman Senangin police station to inform them about our activities. 1030 Meeting with Penolong Kanan (PK) from Chung Hwa 3. 1230 Lunch with Captain Stanley. 1400 Return to hotel, check in 3 rooms for volunteers. 1700 Purchase water, bread, and return to school for preparation. 1900 Dinner. 2100 Volunteers briefing at Tamil Methodist Church and orientation at site visit. 2330 Return to Hotel.

10 Feb 2018 0730 Depart from hotel. 0800 Local & outstation volunteers briefing at SRJK (C) Chung Hwa 3. 0945 Distribution starts. 1700 A total of 210 households had collected the wardrobes - 130 by own transport and 80 transported by the volunteer's vehicles. 1730 Debriefing. 1800 Back to hotel. 1930 Dinner & Rest.

11 Feb 2018 0800 Volunteers check out from hotel, breakfast. 0830 Depart from hotel. 0900 Volunteer briefing and setup at Chung Hwa 3. 0945 Distribution starts. 1700 A total of 138 households had collected the wardrobes and mostly transported by our volunteers. Majority are Rohingya refugees. 1730 Debriefing and send remainder of 52 wardrobes to Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church. 1900 Closing dinner. Goodbye to KL volunteers.

12 Feb 2018 1000 Visited Chu Hwa 3 school headmistress and PK. Handover 6 wardrobes for the school. 1200 Depart from Penang, back to Kuala Lumpur.

Activity 1. Taman Senangin, Perai, Penang. (GPS: N5°23.048’ E° 100 23.096’) Before the distribution, we have arrived 2 days earlier for preparation works - planning, briefing and getting the locals to be involved in our activities. Local church, volunteers from outstation and local volunteers, headmistress and PK from Chung Hwa 3, RELA, local police and staffs are fully involved. A day before the distribution, a simulation was done together with the volunteers.

In our operations, we divided the personnel into a few small groups to handle different stations / checkpoints.

1. Gate B (Main Entrance) – This is the main control group. It stops people coming in without proper document or wrong day. Each recipient is given a number tag.

2. Dispute Counter – the Dispute Counter is set up a few steps behind the Main Entrance and handles all kind of disputes. This counter is headed by the local leader.

3. Waiting Area – the Waiting Area is in a covered rest area with chairs. Chinese New Year is near and we provide water and mandarin oranges for the recipients as they wait to register.

4. Registration Counter – this counter will call the number (received at the gate) and verify recipient’s documents against notification letter. The receiver need to verify the data and sign on the master list.

5. Pick Up Area – there are 2 pickup areas. A) is for recipients who have own transport to bring home the wardrobe. B) is for recipients who require volunteers transport. Staging or waiting areas for both are assigned. Some volunteers are assigned for delivery team B.

6. Traffic & Parking Area – these are outside the school compound in order to avoid traffic congestion caused by vehicles blocking the way and to maintain one-way traffic.

Discussion with the School

Simulation after briefing

Picking & Delivery

Thanks to the Rohingya volunteers


1. This distribution is our rebuilding and development phase for Penang Flood 2017. CREST will move on to the next phase of awareness and equipping the locals.

2. So far, 3 training have scheduled in Penang, we will keep you posted.

3. The remainder of 52 sets of wardrobe was transferred to Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church and the church members have distributed them on 3rd March 2018 to following areas:- a. 35 units to St Joseph Home (Orphanage), 52-K & 52-R, Jalan Penang, George Town. b. 17 units to Kampung Rumah Panjang, Jalan Shaik Eusoff, Ayer Itam.

Submitted by: CK Cheong Date: 07-Mar-2018


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