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Background Background: Since 2014 during the east coast flood, CREST has working closely with Kampung Kuala Telang. Besides sending relief items, we have there for years to support the local on rebuilding, development and risk reduction. During 25-29 Jan 2017, the heavy rain fall at Kg. Telang has overflow Sg. Jelai and Sg. Telang, following developed a 4ft-high water, affected 49 out of 69 household.

Before the 2017 flood, CREST and the local community has built 9 rafts for flood emergency to keep safe their valuable items from the flood water. All rafts are functioning during the 2017 flood.

Objective 1. To build eight floating rafts for the villagers, two for the Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Telang and one for the community hall. 2. To bring a group of eight volunteers to work together (build rafts) with the local villagers. 3. To have fellowship with Bob and Melissa Seong for preparedness training @ Kuala Lipis.

Team Member Team Leader: CK Cheong Asst. Leader: CK Yong Treasurer: Cindy Khoo Log & Photo: Ling Siew Woei Volunteers: Jason Lai, Samuel Ong Zhi Ming, Dawn Tan, George Wee, Liu Enci

Travel Events Date Event 21 April 2017 1500 Checked in and team briefing at lobby 1930 Dinner with local partner Bro. Bob and his family 22 April 2017 0700 Devotion 0730 Breakfast 0800 Depart to Kg Telang 0900 Setup tools and carry the steel from the Balai Rakyat to the school compound 1000 First raft was successfully built 1100 Second raft was built at school 1135 We start our travel on the van within the village to build the raft for each houses, guided by Mr. Anwar. We know that Tok Empat was so pleased with our passion to get the raft build up and so we were invited for a Malay wedding feast on Sunday. With the invitation, CREST team were so determined to complete all the raft within the day itself. 1224 First house completed. 1211 Second house, work was divided into two teams. One team build the frame structure and team tie up the frame. 1230 Third house work started 1233 Fourth house was beside the third house so the owner started the frame structure on their own. 1420 Fifth house started and completed by 1437. The owner was holding a wedding feast, we were asked not to tie it but to leave the wire behind. 1450 Sixth raft in progress 1540 Seventh house raft in progress 1540 Eight house raft in progress 1550 Ninth house raft in progress 1700 Last raft completed for the river bank 1720 Rain started and we bid the villagers farewell. 1900 Church service. 23 April 2017 0830 Breakfast 0930 Devotion and de-briefing 1200 Check out from CentrePoint hotel and lunch with Bro. Bob 1300 Continue to Kg Kuala Telang for wedding invitation and fellowship 1400 Chili Farm visitation

Activities 1. Risk Reduction Project – Kampung Kuala Telang, Pahang. Location: Kampung Kuala Telang, Pahang. GPS: N4° 14.841’ E101° 57.140’ Person in Charge: Tok Empat

Background: CREST has released a budget of RM 19,500.00 into this project. Project expenses as per table below:-

Update: Mr. Anwar (the designer and engineer for these rafts) also passed down his knowledge on tying the drum to the frame to CREST members and the local team. The skills learnt helped speed up the work because everyone participated to complete the raft.

The local team also demonstrated how they tighten the drum on the frame. CREST team, again learnt this skill and it has improved the work of the craftsmanship.

Although we were anxious to get the raft ready within this two days, Mr. Anwar has carried in him a very friendly and calm attitude. He asked if anyone would like to learn how to drill the frame together. His invitation was accepted by Sister Dawn. Despite her first time, she seconded the job successfully throughout.

Progress of building raft:

Gather the Materials

Cut the Frame According to 600cm (L) x 300cm (W)

Join the Frame with Screws

Put the Drums Under the Frame

Raft Completed

Raft Testing

During the second raft, we encountered some dent on the plastic container. So Brother Yong released the air and return the container to its original shape by sitting on it.

Solution to the dented drums:

Open the Cover

Hold on to the Drum

Sitting on it

Beneficiaries for 11 rafts:

Two Rafts at School

raft for the houses

2. Chili Farming – Kampung Kuala Telang, Pahang.

Background: Based on Eddy Hiew’s proposal dated on 16 March 2015, RM 17,590.00 was budgeted for local community on livelihood projects. There are Chili Farm – RM 3270, Cucumber Farm – RM 7075, Sundry Shop – RM 2279, and Corn Farm – RM 4966 funded by Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur.

The Land for Chili Farming


Update: On chili farm, harvesting are done in every two days by 6 local workers. Average 900 kilograms per harvest. Currently selling price is at RM 5.50 per kilogram. According to Tok Empat, the highest price is RM 11 per kilogram during last December due to rainy session.

3. Others Activities, Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

Wedding Service at Kampung Kuala Telang

Church Service at Methodist Kuala Lipis

The Centre “0 KM” of Peninsular Malaysia


1. On 22 April, by God's leading the mission was accomplished. It was not merely a mission of men but by God's powerful anointing and affirmation of gift and love. 11 rafts were built beyond expectations; – Completed within a day instead of two – Collaborations and exchange of skill, knowledge between team and villagers – Bonding between team and villagers – A wedding feast for celebration on the last day

2. The team have not only build the rafts for the villagers but like a team member, Bro. George said, "We are experiencing God." By God's grace, the weather, equipment, travel, human weaknesses were making way to fulfill CREST mission. The team have brought God's love to the poor and needy in crisis of flood.


1. 20-21 May, the primary school has invited CREST to be involve in BI (Bahasa Inggeris) week carnival to share with student in Disaster Risk Reduction.

Submitted by CK Cheong Date: 30-April-2017


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