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7 August, 2015 Heavy seasonal rains caused flooding in Myanmar. On 31 July, the President of the Union of Myanmar issued a statement declaring natural disaster zones in Chin and Rakhine states and in the Sagaing and Magway regions indicated that it would accept international assistance.

1.3 million

Critically flood affected people in July and August


People reached with food assistance


Cumulative number of households displaced

Figures according to NDMC as of 24:00 UTH 13 August 2015

Nu Nu Pan, one of our Disaster Relief Workshop student in 2013 and also a leader in Calvary Care Myanmar (CCM), has initiated a relief efforts by gathered some fund and a group of volunteers in Mandalay. The main objective for this effort is to send food supply to a remote area in Magway. Initial assessment has done by the local church and reported with 400 household in Hta Naung Khone village.

CREST Malaysia has released USD 5,000 to respond for this climate. CCM has raise 50 household emergency packs (contained of food, clothing and hygiene items). They has purchase additional 350 packs by borrowing money from friends and relatives. Each pack cost USD 10 included the cost of transportation.

Team Members Cheong Chee Keen Nu Nu Pan (Local Coordinator) Prinu Ahnu (Treasury) Mai Mai (Event Logbook) Min Zaw Oo (Local Team Leader) Jamez Thxa Bu (Photographer)

Travel Events

Aug 07 – KL – Bangkok – Mandalay. Arrived Mandalay at 12.15pm local time (UTC +0630). Meeting with the local committees.

Aug 08, 0230 – Volunteers briefing at warehouse (shop house) located at Mandalay (N21° 58.209’ E096° 05.007). 0300 Depart to Magway.

1145 – Arrived at Magway Baptist Church (N20° 09.113 E094° 55.457) for lunch and pickup local church leaders.

1510 – Arrived at Hta Naung Khone village (N20° 19.233 E094° 48.633) and proceed with unloading and distribution according to family list provided by the village head Mr. Pwint Phyu. It is a remote area, some items need to transport by cows.

1830 – Depart from Hta Naung Khone Village return to Magway.

2030 – Arrived at Magway Baptist Church and overnight at church hall.

Aug 09, 0730 – Depart from Magway return to Mandalay.

1520 – Arrived at Mandalay and debriefing with the volunteers.

1700 – Check in to Royal City Hotel at Mandalay. (USD30 per night per room)

2000 – Dinner with the team leaders.

Aug 10, 1100 – Meeting with the CCM local committee. During the meeting, we have concluded:-

a. Relief operation no longer a need for Hta Naung Khone due to many local people is sending relief good in their own capacity.

b. Redirect our relief efforts to Sagaing division and Rakhine state.

c. Agree to purchase 100 household relief items and 60 packs travel with the team on ground (4WD) and remaining will send by local domestics flight (FOC).

d. 4 brothers in a team will start traveling on tomorrow morning due to flight schedule has fully booked from Mandalay to Kalay

2000 – Packing at warehouse. Items that we packed in a pot for 1 family<

Aug 11, 0730 – Loading 4WD and departed from Mandalay, cost for 4WD rental for one way from Mandalay to Htomar is 300,000 kyats.

1130 – Lunch at Monywa and meet up with Pastor from AOG.

1700 – Dinner at Gangaw.

2009 – Arrived at Darbo, broken bridge due to wash away by flood. Need to unload all bags and items crossed the bridge by foots. The local army is repairing the bridge 24 hours round the clock. Change to another transport truck for 40,000 kyats to Htomar.

1016 – Arrived at Htomar, required for potter services for 40,000 kyats to transfer the cargo across the river.

1130 – Arrived at Aung Ya Dane Hotel, Kalay.

The location of two broken bridges

Aug 12 – Coordination with the local authorities. Airport, UN and local army. Two air force helicopters are authorized to operate with our food packs and 2 persons can be travel together with it provided a good weather condition.

Aug 13 – CK return to Mandalay, the remaining of 3 brothers will organized with the local authorities to send our food packs for the survivals. CREST has provide 500,000 kyats and USD 500 for the operation needs.

Final financial report and hardcopy of bills have collected. We have agreed, if no further relief can be done, we shall move into livelihood project.

Aug 14 – Return to KL transit in Bangkok.

Financial Report for Operation Cost in Kalay (500,000 kyats and USD 500)


1. Hat Naung Khone, Magway (N20° 19.233’ E094° 48.633’) food distribution for 400 families. The local villages are helping and working hand-in-hand for the whole distribution process by calling their families one by one.

Items per family, estimated at USD 10 per family:-

3kg of rice – USD 3, 1 x Longgy (Sarung) – USD 3, 1 x T-Shirt – USD 2, 1 Pack Salt – USD 0.30, 1 Bottle Shrimp Paste – USD 0.30, 2 Packs Dry Fish – USD 0.30, Stationary and Transportation – USD 1.10


Transportation – Water fully subsided 3 days after the flood. However, some heavy truck such as 3 tons lorry will not recommended to travel in. The local villages can mobilize their traditional transport ‘cow truck’.

Health – So far, none diarrhea case has reported. Mobile clinic (van) has mobilized to the nearby areas for treatment.

Utilities – Water source is underground water. Water supply is not a problem after the flood. Electricity is not restore, but some of the households have solar panel.

Education – School will be reopen in 2-3 days.

Economy – Majorities are famers, paddy fields are totally destroyed. Paddy seeds are in shortage everywhere in Myanmar.

2. Nansaungpu and Mawlightkalay Village at Kalay.

Team Members:- Leader: Min Zawoo Photographer: Jamez Thxa Bu Logistics: Dr. Thang Sian Muan

Mud cover over the access road in Nansaungpu

Flood water mark in Nansaungpu

Min Zawoo - Boat access to Mawlightkalay

Jamez Thxa Bu - Emergency distribution in Mawlightkalay

Goals achieved

1. Logistics planning and access to the remote areas.

2. Emergency distribution for the flood victims.


1. The balance of 65,100 Kyats and USD 200 shall make a onetime donation for CCM as some operation cost in Mandalay.

2. CCM is considering to start some rehabitation project such as providing seeds for the survivals.

3. I have introduced Aquaponics to CCM, they are considering this livelihood project and will respond to us after the meeting with their leaders.

Advantages for Aquaponics

  • Fish from fresh water is getting lesser

  • Local government has allowed them to plant. Before this year, only paddy or bean are allowed to plant.

Submitted by CK Cheong 21 August 2015


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