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Pastor Vincent E. Olaer, Social Concern Director of Central Philippines Convention of Southern Baptist Churches (CPCSBC) attended the CBDRRM workshop in Iloilo City in June. Ms Feraz from APBAid and Ps Vincent had planned to conduct monitoring and evaluation visits to beneficiaries of recovery projects in Leyte in early August and invited CREST to participate. The beneficiaries had their rice fields damaged by Typhoon Haiyan and again last year by Typhoon Kaitak. Olivia joined Pastor Vincent and Ms Feraz and at the same time visited beneficiaries of CREST livelihood projects in Hernani, Tacloban and Cebu.


1) Visit Ormoc with APBAid for their project monitoring and evaluation as observer.

2) Visit Hernani to review ongoing CREST project.

3) Visit Tacloban to review ongoing CREST project.

4) Meet with Salma in Cebu to review and close the piggery project.

Travel Events

04 Aug, 1855 - Depart from KLIA2 for Cebu via Airasia flight after 1 hour flight delay.

2300 - Arrive at Mactan Cebu Airport, overnight in Red Planet Hotel, Cebu City.

5 Aug, 0800 - Feraz flew in from Iloilo, pick up Olivia at hotel and depart together for ferry terminal.

1025 - Depart Cebu City by Supercat Fast Ferry with Feraz.

05 Aug, 1315 - Arrive at Ormoc City. Check in to IA Lodge which is walking distance from ferry terminal.

1400 - Discuss and confirm onward traveling plans with Pastor Vincent over lunch.

1600 - Self-orientation of area around hotel and return to room.

06 Aug, 0950 - Arrive at Javier. Pick up Pastor Eli, local pastor who oversees the projects.

1010 - Arrive at project site Barangay Ulhay, Javier. 06/08/18, 1015 hrs Arrive at project site Barangay Caraye, Javier.

1145 - Lunch at Haiyan Café.

1340 - Arrive at project site Pilit, Santa Fe.

1430 - Depart for Tacloban City.

1600 - Arrive at Tacloban City. Pastor Eli returns to Ormoc by bus. Pastor Vincent, Feraz and Olivia check in to ZPad Residences.

07 Aug, 0700 - Breakfast at ZPad and depart for Hernani.

1030 - Arrive at World Harvest Church, Hernani. Meeting with Pastor Samuel and beneficiaries of motorcab project, Pastor Noel and Joselito. Lunch at Pastor Samuel’s home. Went through accounts and discuss project progress and beneficiaries requests with Pastor Samuel.

1315 - Depart for Tacloban City.

1600 - Arrive at Ramon and Melinine’s home at Ridgeview Park.

1630 - Return to ZPad Residences. 07/08/18, 1830hrs Dinner at Ocho Seafood & Grill.

08 Aug, 0700 - Feraz and Olivia check out from ZPad and depart for Tacloban Airport. 08/08/18, 0935hrs Feraz and Olivia depart for Cebu via Philippines Airline.

1020 - Feraz arrives at Mactan Cebu Airport for transfer to Iloilo City. Olivia arrives at Mactan Cebu Airport for transfer to Cebu City.

1200 - Pastor Vincent checks out from ZPad and drives back to Ormoc.

09 Aug, 0930 - Meeting with Salma at Mactan, Cebu.

13 Aug, 0805 - Depart from Mactan Cebu Airport via Airasia flight after 1 hour flight delay. 1200 hrs Arrive at KLIA2


2018ph012 2018ph013 2018ph014

APBAid rice planting project, Barangay Ulhay, Javier.

APBAid rice planting project, Barangay Caraye, Javier.

APBAid rice planting project, Pilit, Santa Fe. Pastor Gerry, the coordinator lives next to the church and operates a motorcab for additional income.

2018ph015 2018ph016 2018ph017

CREST motorcab project, Hernani. Beneficiary: Pastor Noel Cabanillas, our 1st beneficiary, started operating the motorcab in mid-July 2016 to generate income. Ps Noel started an outreach in Quinapondan (24km and 30 minutes from Hernani) and has also been using his motorcab to fetch people to church.

CREST motorcab project, Hernani. Beneficiary: Joselito Verecio. Our 2nd beneficiary started operating the motorcab in mid-May this year. He had planned to look for a job in the city but was given the opportunity to participate in the project. He is grateful because he can continue to stay with his parents and siblings and be able to save more from his earnings.

CREST pedicab and ice tube project, Ridgeview Park, Barangay Cabalawan, Tacloban. Beneficiary: Ramon and Manilin. Ramon found employent at housebuilding site and the family is no longer dependent on the pedicabs for income generation. Manilin has also scaled down her ice tube business and has more time guiding her 3 chilfren in their schoolwork. Ramon has also constructed a loft with a staircase and painted the walls of their house. (Ridgeview Park is is a relocation housing project for survivors of T.Haiyan)


The next visit to the above projects is planned for January 2019. This will coincide with visit to Iloilo projects which ends in the same month.

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